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Society article about Daft Punk 29th July 2021 part.2 - Translated

In any case, this book is a collection of short stories. It also has short stories by such author's as Michael Crichton and Nick Hornsby. Many of the stories are quite entertaining and worth the read. Short stories are so easy to read too because hence the name they are so short. Buy the book take it with you to the throne room and stay in there until you have finished a story. It will be the nicest most relaxing 20 minutes you have had all day. Plus it will make you more regular. If it happens once, it's a bug. If it happens twice, it's a feature.

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As Thomas Bangalter said one day to the Columbia record company, Daft Punk made an unexpected turn with imagining RAM as melancholic tribute to their teenager passion for disco and funk of the big years. Each caffи, each melodic line, had a instrumental colour. Everything had been recorded on big tape cassettes, multiplying the takes in order to grab just what they needed of groove and sensibility. The saviours of Pop? But after that, nothing happened, apart from years of silence and a restless wait which ended up smashed to pieces.

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